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FAB Awards - Shortlisted Entry 2

Suffolk Hay Company - Multi-use Building

The building is located in a small farm yard on the outskirts of the Suffolk village of Monks Eleigh.

The farmer was keen to maintain a traditional look to complement the other farm buildings; therefore a steep pitched, hipped entrance was incorporated into the centre of the West elevation facing the existing yard.

The building is clad with Marley Eternit fibre cement roof sheeting to match the existing asbestos clad sheds on the site. The vertical faces of the building next to the road and facing the existing yard are all clad in weatherboarding to blend with the established buildings. Infill areas are clad in olive green single skin plastisol coated metal to provide protection to the horses/cattle from the elements and blend in with the local environment. The combination of the above materials provides a striking feature when viewed from inside the building.

The farmer designed the structure in order to be multi-functional to suit the three main aspects of his business. Hay storage, stabling and livestock housing for his small beef enterprise. The front low level wing of the building is designed for stabling and also is suitable for livestock. The main area of the building has the height and span to stack bales for his hay business. The two areas although clearly defined by their usage, are blended together via the entrance feature in the centre of the West Elevation which is suitably sized to accommodate the farmer’s delivery vehicles. Secure pens have been created in the low level accommodation wing with concrete stock wall panels and sheeted gates. The wing also incorporates a roof overhang to protect the animals from driving rain. The access to each pen ensures that disturbance to the animals is kept to a minimum. The design life of the fibre cement sheeting and its natural breathability provides an ideal roof covering for both hay storage and accommodation of the horses/livestock. The issue of condensation was a major concern for the farmer during the design stage and as a result the fibre cement sheeting was specified. The density of the material also minimises reverberation thus reducing animal distress and increasing welfare.

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